Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Side-Tracked! And Back Again

After working hard at readying myself for the job market last summer, I fulfilled an agreement with my mother to move in September.  It was impossible to continue job hunting until I was settled again so I put my research aside and began this new project. 

It took forever!  I moved three times before getting into a place I could call home.  Kijiji,  http://toronto.kijiji.ca/ , was instrumental in finding a place to live.  Sadly I had contracted a flu virus late August which during the moves turned into a terrible infection.  I was ill for several months.  Then, right when everything was coming together, I got the flu again.  Lol.  I don't usually get sick.  Serves me right for not getting a flu shot!

It wasn't until the last month or two that I have taken back to the hunt for a marketing job in the cosmetic industry.  During the time away, I have helped my landlords with their restaurant, helped a friend study for and pass his driver's licence test, and helped a friend plan her future.  I focused on my health by developing a functional nutritional plan consisting of six meals a day.  My strength is returning after suffering several years away from the gym with a three-day workout plan that I am thrilled with.  Most of my spare time has been spent writing since graduation.

When I got back into the swing of things, the old resume had to go.  The company lists I made from Scott's Directory are priceless now, and the hard work I put into figuring myself out has paid off.  That brought me to a new entry.  I'm excited to be envisioning myself in the job I dreamt of years ago.  Reading job ads, doing company research, writing cover letters, customizing my profile, and now creating a portfolio make me feel like I'm really onto something.  I'm looking forward to the 'nine to five'.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

On the Hunt!

I graduated York in the spring of 2010 pleased that I will be able to return to complete my Master's of Business Administration (MBA) after having achieved the required B+ average in fourth year. I am elated with my success. I spend the next year working with my mother at home. As the spring of 2011 sprung I decided to make my move into the job market.

I began doing research into companies I felt would be a good match for me. After attending the 2011 Esthetique SPA International trade show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in May I realized my resume was just not good enough. I needed help fast, so I went to a local not-for-profit organization called The Centre, where I met David Baldazzi. As it turned out, I was completely unprepared to approach employers.

David suggested a number of workshops such as Scott's Directory, Targeting Your Resume, Mock Interviews, and Accessing the Hidden Job Market, all offered at The Centre. In addition to the workshops, I attended several one-on-one meetings with Mr. Baldazzi to ensure I was accomplishing my career goals. The Centre offers many do-it-yourself handouts on a variety of topics which I used to complete the tasks assigned to me.

Now I have a resume that uses Accomplishment Statements which I am proud to present to a potential employer, a cold call list developed from personal research and Scott's Directory, a Job Seeker Summary that describes who I am and what kind of work I'm looking for, and an appropriate online profile that is continuously being updated. Preparation for interview questions is my current task and I expect to begin contacting my dream companies very soon, following a Mock Interview session at The Centre, of course!

I decided to follow my passion for esthetics into the field of marketing. I am an experienced esthetician, and an educated marketer. My goal is to work in a head office setting for a company in the cosmetic industry. There are many different avenues for a marketer to follow in their career, such as sales, communications, public relations, purchasing, research, or logistics. I have chosen to follow the cosmetic industry. I am fresh out of school and I enjoy many aspects of the marketing genre. The group of companies in my area vary in size and function. Soon will begin the task of determining with whom I am best suited.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

In The Beginning, I Knew Nothing

One of the main goals I have at this time, 2.5 semesters from graduation, is to find information about marketing jobs. I don't feel like I know very much about them in a practical sense and this is a source of insecurity for me.

I did some work on the Career Cruising website facilitated through York University. After completing many sets of questions it gave me a list of general careers that may be suitable to my skills and work preferences. At first I was thrilled. Marketing was in the top five, rated as a great match with my skills. (Thank goodness, I am in forth year!) Another interesting career title came up, management consultant. I printed the profiles for these and three other career 'genres', and felt satisfied.

As part of an assignment, I needed to update my resume. I couldn't stand the look of it anymore, and could not bear the thought of handing over my old one to any potential employers. I visited the Career Centre at York, and was pleased to have a few things go my way. First, I was able to figure out a new layout within minutes of scanning through a book of samples. A little of this, a little of that, and presto! A look that I could have represent me.

Second, I met with a counsellor and was given 'the procedure' for creating a professional resume. I found the process enlightening. A detailed look at job descriptions, followed by an analysis matching the required skills for the job to my own, then proving that I have those skills by demonstrating it with something I've done in the past. Simple, right?

I was excited about doing this as soon as a friend of mine told me about this page: http://www.workopolis.com/work.aspx?action=Transfer&View=Content/JobSeeker/FastTrackListView&lang=EN&FastTrack=MARKETING&FastTrackId=378852
This changed everything.

Now I have the details I've felt so stupid about not having. Looking at the list of job titles that fall under the marketing heading, nothing is new. I've heard of all of them. But having them all together, and being able to jump back and forth quickly between job descriptions, really defined the world of marketing for me in a nutshell.

The rest of my resume came together easily. It's only a first draft, built on what little information I have soaked up from these sources in a relatively short period of time. The important thing is that I now know so much more about what I'm supposed to know about - marketing. And knowing how to write a good resume doesn't hurt either.

I will return to the Career Centre in the near future for editing. They offer many useful seminars and programs that help students find employment. I intend to make their services part of my research to prepare myself for life after graduation.

Below are other websites I found interesting in my search for job descriptions in marketing.